Your First Visit


We are very pleased that you are thinking of visiting us at our Bognor Regis meeting.

We appreciate that visiting anywhere for the first time can be a bit scary, so we try to make our meetings as welcoming and friendly as possible. We have designed this page to try and help answer any questions you may have beforehand. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please email us at

Is there parking available?

We meet at Southway Primary School in Bognor Regis every Sunday. The school has a car park at the front of the school, which is accessed via South Way.

From this car park a steward will direct you towards the school where we meet.

What time does the meeting start and finish?

The meeting starts at 10am and finishes at about 11:30am. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available (free of charge) after the meeting, so do please stay, have a chat and get to know a few people.

What should I expect when I arrive?

When you first arrive you will be welcomed by our car park team who will direct you where to go.

As you enter Southway Primary School through the main entrance, someone will greet you and give you an information sheet showing what's going on at Grace Church. The information sheet has a tear off slip that you can fill in and return to ask for information about other things we do. All our meeting halls are equipped with comfortable chairs (not pews!) and large screens at the front where the song words will be projected. The welcome team will help you find a seat in the main hall and introduce you to a member of Grace Church if you would like.

What happens during a meeting?

Our meetings usually start with a short welcome by whoever is leading the meeting that day.

The main part of the meeting is then divided into a time of worship (accompanied by a worship band with modern instruments) followed by Bible teaching from one of our leaders. Children stay with their parents during the worship time but go out to their own groups before the teaching time. Between the worship and the teaching, the meeting leader will give some details about upcoming events and give some details about the children's groups. If you want to meet a children's or youth leader before the meeting please just ask the welcome team.

Just before the children go to their groups there is usually a chance for everyone to hand in their completed tear-off slips from the information sheet. If you would like any more details about anything we do, or would just like to tell us that you were visiting, please place your form in the basket as it is passed around.

There will be an offering each week (usually during the worship time), but don’t feel embarrassed to pass the basket on without putting anything in it. Many Church members contribute directly through their banks using standing orders so you won’t be the only one passing it on.

After the meeting we finish with tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits. These are provided free and are a great time to say hello to other people or meet one of our leaders if you would like.

Where are the toilets?

The toilets are clearly signposted from the main entrance of the school and also from the hall where our meeting is.

Is there wheelchair or pushchair access?

Yes. Everywhere is on one level with easy access.

What do I need to wear?

There is no dress code. Please come wearing whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

Will I be expected to sing and take part?

All the song words will be projected onto large screens at the front of the hall. If you want to join in and sing, then please do. But if you would rather just observe then that's fine as well!

I haven't been to church before - will I feel out of place or be welcome?

Whether you have been to church before or if you have attended all your life, you are just as welcome to come and join us.

We have visitors at our meetings almost every Sunday. So although you may feel like you are the odd one out, there will be plenty of others who are also either visiting for the first time that day or who came for the first time recently.


Has this answered all your questions?

We hope this helps to explain what Grace Church is like and has helped make it a little less daunting. Please do come along, we’d love to see you! If you are still nervous after reading this, please contact us with any questions. We can also arrange for someone to be specifically ready and waiting to meet you as you arrive if you would like.

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